Word Document

Word Document

Microsoft Word is used by businesses and individuals on a daily basis. We write VBA macros to create and merge Word Documents. You can also embed VBA macros into your existing Word templates to undertake custom tasks.

Manually working with Microsoft Word

A lot of cases arise where clients have an Excel file with custom information, such as a list of customers for example. Each row in the Excel file represents a customer and there are 5,000 customers in total.

A Word Document needs to be created for each customer in addition to an envelope printed with their address on it. Each letter needs to be filled with custom information such as Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, County, Country etc and also some custom paragraphs as different customers requires different services. There is also a requirement to use different templates for different customers.

Undertaking this task manually could take 15 minutes to create/print each letter & envelope. The manual steps are listed below:

  • Inspect the customer row in the Excel file.
  • Make a copy of the corresponding Word Document template, rename and save in a new location.
  • Fill in the customers details such as Name & Address etc in the Word Document.
  • Insert the custom paragraphs as per the Excel file into the Word Document.
  • Print the completed letter.
  • Make a copy of the envelope template, rename and save in a new location.
  • Fill in the customers Name and Address in the envelope template.
  • Print the completed envelope.
  • Why automate tasks using VBA in Microsoft Word?

    Automation of tasks in Microsoft Word using VBA can completely eliminate the manual process as listed above. With our custom VBA macro solutions we can do the following:

  • Use the macro to inspect each customer row.
  • Open up the corresponding template automatically, save it in a new location with a custom name.
  • Fill in the customer information into the template including custom paragraphs.
  • Perform the same process for the envelope and save.
  • Run a merge macro so all letters are saved in a single file. The same process is repeated for the envelopes. This enables a one click print operation, as opposed to printing each letter indvidually!
  • Cost Benefit

    Typical customised Word Document macros like this can take us in the region of 5-10 hours to complete depending on your customisation requirements. If you had 5,000 letters & envelopes to complete with each one taking 15 minutes to create/print this macro can save you 1250 man hours.

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