VBA Macros

VBA Custom Macros - The Steps
You have identified a task in the business which is repetitive and needs to be performed on a regular basis, e.g. monthly. This could be emailing clients, producing reports or creating charts to name a few. Sum up the total resource cost which is required to complete this task, for example 20 man days per month.
Contact Us Today. We will review your requirements and provide you with a scope for the project. In addition, we provide input from our end so that your mandate can be improved.
Your custom macro is now working perfectly and is saving you 20 man days per month which equates to substantial savings to your bottom line. You decide what to do with your additional resources!
What Client's Say?

I contacted Techflutter six months ago and since then Techflutter helped me tremendously to realize various projects in Microsoft Excel. They wrote highly complex finance macros that skipped out all the repetitive work in modifying and charting macroeconomic data on a monthly basis.

Techflutter is a highly reliable and trustworthy company with a dedicated programmer that has outstanding knowledge in programming at competitive prices. They can create any kind of macros for private and business needs in all major fields like finance, statistics, databases, charting, etc..

I would recommend Techflutters services to anybody that needs to build complex databases / excel files or who would like to increase efficiency in the daily business in MS Excel.

Mr. M Seiler / Switzerland

I have found using James (www.techflutter.com) has been more than just the provision of Macro Services, James goes far beyond this. His response times are excellent and he also provided me with helpful insights in respect to how the initial mandate could be improved as well as keeping me fully advised at every point and operating within the budget set. I was extremely happy with the service and results.

Mr. Philip Bell / Dorset, United Kingdom

I consider myself to be somewhat knowledgeable about Excel. However, my position in the Banking Industry is very demanding with deadlines and my time is limited on putting information into reporting or presentation format. Moreover, I don’t have funds to just pay just anyone to do it and not get the job done right. After researching on-line and YouTube, I could not find anyone. One Program Consultant company wanted to charge me $25,000 for just one report!

That is where TechFlutter came in and saved the day! I was hesitant to inquire and hire James because I am located in the USA. However, after having a Skype meeting with James, I was very pleased and comfortable to allow Tech Flutter to do the job for me. James not only completed my job earlier than the due date, but he enhanced the report and made the macro more efficient and effective. During the project, James kept in constant communication with me and responded to all my messages in a timely manner.

Mr. Calvin Nelson / New York, USA

Thanks so much for the great job you did for us. You saved my company a tonne of time and money. You were very fast and easy to work with. It made the office work more efficient. It was easy to communicate with you and you were so fast to prepare the program for us. I will forever be grateful for your help. I am currently looking for new projects to use your services. Thanks so much for the work. It was fast, affordable and reliable. Thanks a thousand times.

Ms. Aida Sevilla, Union II Realty & Investments / LLC, Florida, USA