Report Generation

Report Generation

Reporting is undertaken by companies on a regular basis, however a lot of time is wasted due to issues such as formatting, referencing, paragraph styles to name a few. We develop reporting solutions to eliminate these headaches enabling you to create a report with just a click.

Manually working with reports

The larger reports become the more things can go wrong! Some of the most common issues are listed below:

  • Incorrect heading numbering such as 1.1, 1.2 etc.
  • Different font size/type throughout the document, including heading and paragraph font.
  • Different before and after/spacing, e.g. 12pt.
  • Incorrect figure and table referencing.
  • Different table layouts throughout the report.
  • The above mentioned issues can waste hours of your time trying to amend manually in Word and with so much manual effort required, it is often the case when things can be missed.

    Why automate reports with VBA Macros?

    Automation of reports can save your business hours of wasted time. Other reporting solutions can leave you constrained, but with a custom VBA reporting solution from us you have full flexibility and can get the exact output that you require.

    Building Reports from Scratch
    If you do not have a report template already, creating one with our customised report generation tool allows total flexibility going forward. Your input data is inserted into our pre-defined format. With one click you can create a report. Need to change the paragraph size and font in the entire report, no problem just click two options in the Settings Page and run the macro again.

    Existing Templates
    If you have an existing template we can still automate the report generation process for you. Say for example you have a list of pre-defined paragraphs and each of these pre-defined paragraphs has a heading number, e.g. 1.1, 1.2 etc.
    With our custom functionality you can select which paragraphs you would like included in your report. The macro also update the header numbering automatically. In addition, you can also included pre-defined segments of text with a click.

    Report from Export
    It may be the case that you are using analysis software/hardware. The device that you are using is capable of exporting to Excel or CSV. From this data you need to create a custom report to issue to a client. Manually interpreting the data and creating a report with tables and charts can be a time consuming process which can take several hours/days to complete even one report.
    We can automate the entire process so all you have to do is drop the CSV/Excel file into a specified folder, click one button and then have a read through your completed PDF report. The macro can even put the final report into an email template ready to be sent to the client.

    Cost Benefit

    Typical customised reporting macros like this can take us in the region of 15-20 hours to complete depending on your customisation requirements. If you had 200 'Report from Export' reports to complete in a year with each one taking 7 hours manually to issue this macro can save you 1,400 man hours per year.

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