Graphing Macros

Graphing Macros

Plotting charts/graphs in Excel is frequently undertaken by companies. Most charts/graphs we plot in Excel follow a similar format, the only thing changing being the input data. We develop VBA solutions where you just have to import your raw data, click run and have your output chart/graph saved as a PDF. You can create 1,000 charts in a matter of minutes instead of months.

Manually creating charts/graphs

Manually creating charts/graphs is a tedious and painful process and an unnecessary drain on company resources. For each chart you would have to do the following process which could equate to 15 minutes per chart. This add ups to a substantial amount of time, depending on how many charts/graphs you need to produce.

  • Highlight the input data in Excel.
  • Select the chart type that you want, e.g. scatter, bar chart etc.
  • Enter the chart header label.
  • Enter the x-axis and y-axis labels.
  • Adjust the legend, if applicable.
  • Scale the x-axis and y-axis to ensure the data is displayed correctly.
  • Name the chart tab and select save location, i.e. tab or in worksheet.
  • Save the chart as a PDF with a custom file name, if applicable.
  • Why automate plotting charts/graphs with VBA Macros?

    Automation of creating charts/graphs in VBA completely eliminates the unnecessary manual effort required to generate each chart/graph. With our custom VBA solutions, we can do the following:

  • Import the data from a source, such as a CSV export.
  • Automatically read through the data and select the range to be plotted.
  • If required, you can specify a range to be plotted, such as a time or date period.
  • Label the chart header, x-axis and y-axis. This can be static or dynamic (chart/graph) dependent.
  • Scale the x-axis and y-axis automatically from the source data so the graph is displayed correctly.
  • Add intersection or regression lines if required.
  • Merge several graphs onto one plot with our overlay functionality.
  • Save all the charts as one PDF, or save each individually with a unique file name.
  • Automatically select charts/graphs depending on a tab keyword and save to a PDF.
  • Cost Benefit

    Typical customised charting macros like this can take us in the region of 15-20 hours to complete depending on your customisation requirements. If you had 1,000 charts to complete with each one taking 15 minutes to plot this macro can save you 250 man hours.

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