File Management

File Management

File Management Macros are used to analyse and report on folders & files stored on your server. You can also perform functionality such as copy, rename and move a list of files with one click. You can also create complex folder structures for projects straight from Excel with custom folder names.

Why use File Management Macros?

File Management Macros can save a lot of time in your organisation. Some typical file management tasks are listed below. We can also develop custom file management processes as per your requirements.

  • List all files from a directory in Excel. Use search criteria such as type, size or date.
  • Compare instances of directories to examine if files have been moved, modified, deleted or renamed.
  • Create complex folder structures straight from Excel with one click.
  • Batch rename files in a certain directory with custom numbering directly in Excel.
  • Backup single or multiple files with time stamps at the click of a button.
  • Move, Copy or Paste multiple files to another location at a click of a button.
  • Cost Benefit

    Typical customised File Management macros like this can take us in the region of 5-10 hours to complete depending on your customisation requirements. If you had 10,000 files to rename, each taking 30 seconds to complete, this macro can save you 83 man hours.

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