Email Sending

Email Sending

Emailing Sending Macros would be the most commonly used macros. With a custom written macro from us you can send out hundreds of emails automatically to your clients/customers with the click of a button.

What is a manual task?

Lets say you have a list of several hundred client or customers details in a spreadsheet and you want to send an email to each client to remind them to pay you. Some typical details for each client might be Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, County, Country, Postcode, Email, Amount Due and Due Date.

Undertaking this process manually would entail inspecting each row and checking the due date and the amount due. If the due date is after today's date and the amount due is greater than zero you then need to send out a reminder email to this client. You would have to open up a word template, fill in the clients information into it, PDF it, then attach it to an email and send it to the client.

This manual process would take on average a person 10 minutes to issue one email with a PDF attachment. Lets say our list has 1,000 clients, that's 166 continuous hours to issue 1,000 emails assuming optimum performance from your staff! However, next quarter this task needs to be performed again which equates to more wasted man hours.

So what can the Email Sending Macro do?

With a Custom Macro from us this task can be completely automated. The macro will read in each row. If the amount due is greater than zero and the due date is after today's date from the system it will process the row. Otherwise, it will skip to the next row.

There will be a Word Document template with SRT (Search and Replace Tags). The macro will fill in the clients information into this template and then save a new copy of the Word Document and will then PDF it. You can decide the naming convention for the PDF attachment, such as clients name etc.

The macro will then attach the PDF to an email. This email with be in HTML format and you can amend items such as the Subject, Email Body and Signature in a Settings Page within the Excel file. You can also change the font type and size. In addition, you can also include a company logo in the HTML email.

You can also include a time stamp function. So for example if an email was sent out already a time stamp is put against its row in the Excel file. This means that when the macro is run again, an email wont be sent to the same person twice.

Cost Benefit

Typical macros like this can take us in the region of 5-10 hours to complete depending on your customisation requirements. If this task needs to be performed on an annual basis assuming 1,000 emails need to be processed each quarter, totalling 4,000 emails per year, this macro can save you 666 man hours per year.

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