Data Import

Data Import

Data Import Macros can be used to import data from a website, access, text or other sources. When this data has been imported we can then run analysis on it to give a desired output.

Why use Data Import Macros?

Data import macros are very useful especially if you want to import data from the web and perform analysis on it. For example lets say you are monitoring certain information on several stocks and are using a website to view the price of each stock.

With a data import macro you could run a continuous loop to download the price of the stock at a given time interval. This could also be applied to several other stocks. You could then put in a pre-defined price for each stock. If the actual value of the stock as read in by the macro reached the pre-defined value the macro would send out an email automatically to you.

This process could also be applied to other examples, such as the prices of commodities etc or any such information available on the web.

Cost Benefit

Typical customised Data Import macros like this can take us in the region of 5-10 hours to complete depending on your customisation requirements. This can save you hours of your day monitoring computer screens!

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