Custom Macros & Process Review

Custom Macros

Manual repetitive processes in Excel, Word or Outlook can be a drain on company resources. We find that users undertaking these tasks don't even know that they can be automated. Automating these processes can turn a task which usually takes a staff member 20 days into a matter of minutes.

Every client has a different requirement and we have the ability to develop complex systems in VBA which can save your organisation time, money and eliminate human error. We work with clients from a range of different industries such as banking, accountancy, legal to name a few.

Custom Macros that we offer are listed below. Click on the links to find out more.

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Process Review

Process Review is a unique service available to Techflutter clients. If you suspect that there is a need for VBA macros in your organisation but don't know exactly where, contact us today.

We can meet with each of your staff on an individual basis. This can be done as a site trip to your organisation or we can arrange a conference call for each staff member with screen sharing. Prior to this meeting we will send out a questionnaire to each of your staff which will be used as a preparation tool for each meeting.

When we have reviewed all applicable tasks within your organisation we will compile a detailed report which will outline what tasks are being performed manually and the time spent to do so. We will also produce a cost benefit analysis and provide prices to automate these tasks against the resource time spent by the company on an annual basis. This will provide your organisation with a very useful insight to see how much time and money can be saved by using VBA macros.